Did you make all of these?
Yeps, that’s the point of this site, to showcase cakes I’ve made. The first couple I did with my friend Tina.

Do you sell your cakes and cake decorations?
Not currently! I do all of these for fun and don’t have plans on doing them as a side job. I’m busy enough with my real job :)

What is that play-doh looking thing on your cakes?
It’s called fondant. It actually does have a consistency similar to play doh, but it’s totally edible. You can think of it as solid frosting.

Do you make your own cake, frosting, fondant, etc?
I do make the cakes and frosting, so those are homemade. I don’t use cake mix or store bought frosting. I buy the fondant though. I currently use Satin Ice rolled fondant. I used to use Wilton’s rolled fondant, but it didn’t taste that good. I use Satin Ice for gumpaste as well.

How long does it take you to make a cake?
Simple ones take 1-2 days. The video game ones I make for my husband take 3-5 days.

Did you learn how to decorate cakes from a class?
I did want to take a class on cake decorating, but I never got around to it. At the moment, I’m really just self taught. I mainly learned from my obsession with cake shows and Food Network.

How do you choose your video game cakes?
I try to choose something my husband would like, since it is his birthday after all. I also like choosing actual items from games instead of something like a logo. Skill level comes into play too. It has to be do-able for me while not being too easy.

Do you make cakes for other people?
Yes, but only for friends and family, and they’re usually much simpler than my video game cakes.

Where do you buy your supplies?
I go to a local baking supplies store (Make It Sweet).