About The Cakes

I’ve been making video game cakes for my husband since the first year we started dating. At first, it was a joke with the Jigglypuff cookie cake, but it’s turned into a yearly tradition where I make a video game cake, and then we have a birthday dinner with friends so that they can see and eat the cake too. I try to make every cake almost entirely edible. Sometimes I have to use cake boards or supports, but otherwise, it’s all cake, frosting, fondant, and sometimes rice krispies.

At first, I only made fondant cakes once a year for my husband. After I got the hang of them and could do them quicker, I started making simpler ones for friends and family.

About The Baker

As it says in the intro, my name is Cat. I’m actually a programmer, but I really enjoy baking. I mean, it’s hobby where you get to bake and eat delicious treats. How great is that. I typically bake cookies, cakes, and cupcakes.

Both my husband and I are gamers, so I have a lot of fun picking out and making these cakes. If I had to list out my favorite games, they’d be the Mass Effect series, Dragon Age, the Zelda series, the Portal series, and Tetris Attack.

About The Site

I’ve been posting my cake photos in various places like DeviantArt, Flickr, Facebook, etc, and I felt I needed a “central hub” for all of them. That’s when I decided to make this site just to archive all of the cakes.

This layout features Kirby and also the cake from Portal. I vectored the Kirby image with the cake in Illustrator, but the little chef sprite is from The Spriters Resource.

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