Ultimate Chicken Horse

Created: November 2016

Prior to this cake, my last video game cake was in 2012! We started taking vacation around or on my husband’s birthday, so I didn’t make a cake those years. In 2016, I finally had time for one and missed making fondant cakes. We were also having a lot of video game nights with friends, and Ultimate Chicken Horse was one of our favorites.

This is the first time I didn’t do a 3D design. I wanted to stay in Ultimate Chicken Horse’s style, so I did a 2D design around a tiered cake. Both tiers are yellow cake with buttercream frosting and are covered in vanilla fondant.

I had several ideas, and I ended up combining two of the game’s levels: Rooftop and Farm. I originally wanted the characters to be around the whole cake, but because I made them too big, they only fit in the Rooftop part. I filled the Farm part with traps instead!










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