WIP: Terran Bunker

Created: November 2010 – finished cake entry

For the cake, I used yellow cake with buttercream frosting. Most of the fondant colors were from fondant color packs (like the black, red, yellow, etc). I had to make a custom color for the gray parts by mixing black icing color with white fondant.

To start, I carved the base of the cake and crumbcoated it. I really should have measured it so it’d be symmetrical, but I eyeballed it instead.


Then I covered it with the gray fondant I mixed together.


Unfortunately, I don’t have progress photos for the ramps. I basically carved the shape, crumbcoated them, and covered them with black fondant. I cut out shapes for the rest of the details from fondant and placed them on top. They aren’t actually attached to the base cake. They’re just sitting next to it.


I carved out a piece of cake board (which is basically a cardboard sheet) and then covered it with black fondant. This is the only non-edible part of the cake. I used it as a base for the dome, so it’d be easy to lift off the cake when serving.


For the other 2 ramps and the dome, I carved them out of cake and crumbcoated. Again, I just eyeballed these and carved a little at a time until it looked right.


Like the other ramps, these ramps are just sitting next to the cake. I covered them with black fondant and then added details on top with more fondant. The dome is also covered with black fondant.


This shows some more details work. I added red fondant to the corners, the little gray plates near the ramps, and the gray fondant on the dome.


Since the dome kind if lights up around the sides, I added little strips of yellow fondant. The clips at the corners of the dome are more fondant which I just molded by hand.


Then… I just freehanded the logo on top! And it’s done!

Terran Bunker cake



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