WIP: Rush Jet

Created: November 2011 – finished cake entry

Rush was made with yellow cake with a lemon-orange frosting and some Rice Krispies treats. I bought a lot of red fondant and the rest was white fondant mixed or painted with other colors.

I started on his head first by stacking several cakes together and carving them until I got a head shape. Then I crumbcoated it and mixed a skin-color-ish fondant together to cover it. I cut out white fondant for the eyes.


I added another layer of red fondant on top to outline his face. For the details, I used thick pieces of white fondant for the top of the head. The eyes and nose were small pieces of fondant that I painted with black icing coloring. I also used the black icing coloring to paint on his mouth.


Next was the body which was pretty simple. It was a rectangle with a curved indention for the head. I covered only the sides with white fondant.


Then I used the red fondant over it. The red fondant doesn’t cover it fully, so that there’s a stripe of white at the bottom.


The head is just placed next to the body. It’s not really connected to it.


Using a small brush and the black icing coloring again, I painted the lines on Rush’s ┬áback.


I wish I used gumpaste for Rush’s ears! I wasn’t using any at the time, so I just cut out some index cards for the ears and covered them with red fondant. I put slits in his head for them, and then covered the sides with white fondant. These are the only inedible parts of Rush.


His back legs (the jets) and the side discs were made from Rice Krispies treats…


…which I covered with red fondant. Like the head, they’re not connected to the body. They just lay next to it.


I caved both paws from cake instead of Rice Krispies, and they were covered with red fondant too.


Final details! The lines on the paws were strips of fondant that I painted with black icing coloring. I also used yellow icing coloring to paint some fondant that goes inside the discs. The jets got a bit of white fondant wrapped around the ends. For Rush’s front arms, I molded fondant to the right shapes.


The last part is Rush’s tail. I wrapped some Rice Krispies around a skewer and put a thick enough layer of fondant to indent some lines into it. Then the end of the skewer is stuck into the body, which lets the tail stick up. You can also see a white disc behind Rush, which is another jet. It’s made from Rice Krispies as well.

Rush Jet cake - side view

Rush Jet cake

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